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Sunday School

We provide Bible study classes for all ages from nursery to seniors. Our staff of teachers are a dedicated group who study hard and teach enthusiastically the word of God. We welcome anyone who is interested to join us in this activity every Sunday morning.


Worship Opportunities

We have regularly scheduled worship services on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, with morning services for our children in the Annex. In addition, we have prayer service and Bible study on Wednesday evenings, as well as activities for children and youth. We also provide Vacation Bible School for the children every summer.



This is a group of Christian ladies, mostly church members, but includes others from other churches and denominations. Theirs is a great fellowship which meets every other Tuesday and quilt. They have provided over 900 quilts for people who are sick, hospitalized of going through a rough time. It started out for cancer victims, but has grown to include many others.


Women On Mission

This is a missions organization that meets every month not only for the study of missions, but to support them in prayers and other forms of assistance. One of their projects is the “Pure Water, Pure Love” project which provides water filtration systems for missionary families while they are on the mission field.



We provide fiction and non-fiction books for all ages. We also have CD’s and DVD’s to be checked out by anyone. The library is always open anytime the church is open and everyone is urged to use this facility. It is possible to check out easily and quickly without any assistance.



This is the men’s mission organization of the church. They have several rallies throughout the year, with other meetings and special occasions. They are also involved in helping with service projects, such as building ramps and making repairs for the handicapped, and providing other special needs in the community.


The Lake

The church has a beautifully landscaped lake for quiet times and enjoying God’s creation



Our mixed choir sings at all Sunday worship services and at other special occasions.


Ball Field

The church has a well-maintained ball field, used for picnics and other church activities such as ball games, etc.

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